Wednesday, 2 May 2012

" CHANEL go's DESI" : CHANEL Pre- Fall collection 2012 inspired by INDIAN Traditional Attires

Chanel Pre-Fall collection 2012 theme is "Bombay meet Paris" where dresses are with glitter, embellishments, and silk with predomnantly rich golden and silver and pastel shade ,with lots of stones, gems and pearls adornments; which are dominant characters of Indian traditional Garments.(As already we mentioned that new Indian youth fashion/women -" tradition redefined: Desi Cool" emerging strongly and International brands are tapping up with new color palette. )


  1. It's a very interesting insight at your part !
    The Chanel Maang Tika, in the very same collection had us rethinking it's beauty for sure !

    1. thank u for your feedback. Indeed India is going to rule Fashion and lifestyle scenario. we will post more related to India and if we both are following each other we can be updated. cheers.

      Ingene insights

  2. India culture is nice & popular throughout the world :)
    Nice collaboration of Chanel collection with the Indian attires!

    I see that you have two blogs. Mind following my blog from both of your blog? :)

  3. thanks for dropping your lovely feedback. Have visited ur blog , its lovely and indeed a big followers u have. Its a pretty thought to follow each other, sure we will. cheers

    Ingene insights