Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Trend forecast Autumn Winter 2015-16 : "Blurred-up" !

The reflection of speedy life is leading to multifaceted persona where the spirits are trying to move in and move out in same time. 2015/16 Autumn Winter fashion is going to witness this blurrynes, which is evident from the artworks and photo-art even in fashion photography.


  1. Actually, I posted on this very subject matter in my blog in April with the same conclusions:

    The blurred florals you show in your imagery collage were referenced in my article.; Peter Som and Vera Wang had them in their Fall Winter 2014 collections. I also referenced the connection between the hectic pace we face today.

  2. Thank you Darryl for stoping over here. It seems both of our brains are thinking alike though we don't have any prior influences with each other. Great connecting over.