Monday, 26 March 2012

Men's ongoing fashion/ Trendsetters- Fashion In Indian Men 2012

1.Category: Tradition re-invented

Interesting blue scarf with colourful geometric motives are the main accent in monotonous blue traditional attire. The camel coloured messenger bag adds right value of colour dosage in this attire.
Colour mixing: analogous colour blue 90%/ camel accent colour+orange10%
Source: wearabout/street photography/ Jaypur literary fest 2012

Traditional pastel shade attire with catchy silk stroll with clean shaven look as well black “slip on” footwear ,made this look impressive.
Colour mixing: pastel beige, white analogous colour90%/ black accent10%
Source: wearabout/street photography/ jaypur literary fest 2012

2.Category: Nerdy minimalism with emphasis on detailing

More techy look with smart phone and black spec, though the black and white checked scarf has adorable combination with blue striped suit. Giving impression as cool mature.
Colour mixing: analogous colour blue85%/black 5%/grey5%/white5%
Source: wearabout/street photography/ Jaypur literary fest 2012

3.Category: Cool chic

Here emphasis is on hairstyle, subtly coloured specs, piercing and stylised beard . Neon coloured Tee made the look vibrant and stylish.
Colour mixing : monotonous ; subtle mixing in specs with matching neon purple tee

The similarity on emphasis here too are cropped hairstyle ( that can be transformed according to situation spiky to well brushed) , one day beard, designer specs and neck accessory. Neon purple and yellow as accent colour in tee are well balanced with grey and black .
Colour mixing : grey,black,brown analogous colour 90% + complementory purpla ,yellow 10%
Source: wearabout/street photography

4.Category: Eclectic

Very interestingly dressed up using grey scoop neck tee with beige “dhoti pant” and grey “loafers” and apt accessory spec with cool hairstyle; not at all overdone yet very stylish.
Colour mixing: analogous pastel colour grey, beige 100%
Source: wearabout/street photography

Lovely combo with linen trouser and stylized footwear. Analogous color mixing and interesting detailing in footwear with yellow lace made a huge style statement.
Source: wearabout/street photography/ Jaypur literary fest 2012

5.Category: Bohemian

Quirky red colour jacket with blue denim and indigenous blue “jhola” bag as well as a camel coloured back pack, added the distinct personal bohemian style statement. Long silver colour hair is add on value for the look.
Colour mixing: complementary colour blue50%/red ( with analogous brown) 50%
Source: wearabout/street photography/ Jaypur literary fest 2012

6.Category:Contemporary Classic

Intelligently mixed up with classic style with contemporary; classic blue suit , accentuasized by crimson scarf, well balanced with style statement “pipe” and perfect specs.
Colour mixing: complementary colour ( crimson red) as accent Red15%/ Blue 85%
Source: wearabout/street photography/ Jaypur literary fest 2012

7.Category: Alternative

Quirky sense of individuality reflects as use of simple black vest with interesting lowers and use of red “slip on” as accent colour. Accessory usage as personalized indigenous “hobo” bag well praised.
Colour mixing : basic black and white 90% with red accent footwear and orange bag10%
Source: wearabout/street photography/ Gay meet/queer film festival

Intelligent use of accessories such as quirky bag and red designer broche with pastel shade smart outfit made the look different.
Colour mixing analogus pastel shade and brown 90% + crimson red as accent colour 10%
Source: wearabout/street photography/ Gay meet/queer film festival

Acknowledgement: Social networking site facebook and Wearabout blog
N.B.- photoanalysis and insights solely done by Ingene insights Consultancy
Trend Analysts.

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