Sunday, 19 February 2012

who's INgene INsights?

WHO we are?
INgene Insights , an Indian fashion trend & forecast blog which has expertise of fashion trend analysis as well as lifestyle trend analysis of Indian youth.

With whom we have COLLABORATIONS?
We have nation–wide network of young fashion innovators, students, professionals and creative enthusiasts with whom we collaborate to bring in fresh insights, macro and micro directions. We regularly scan through different cultural youth events, social media et cetera to understand the vibe.
INgene Insights has collaborations with various youth experts and agencies all over the globe such as youth marketing specialist Ruby Pseudo ( and youth sub-culture archive PYMCA ( etc.

WHAT tools and methods we practice:
We focus on qualitative analysis rather than believing in dry numbers. Ingene Insights has copyright protected tools and theories which are pre-tested:
1. The theory of adapted differentiations
2. indigenous socio-psychological segmentation of youth in India
3. geo tagging and cool cluster identification tool
4. deep dive wardrobe analysis tool
5. color psychology analysis tool
6. focus group study
7. culture trailing
Our collaborative agencies also shares their insights and tools with us (ie. The Pop Culture Engineering tool by PYMCA).

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